Lucas Achtschellinck

January 16, 1626 – May 12, 1699

Lucas Achtschellinck, was a Flemish landscape painter. He was born in Brussels and was possibly the grandson of the landscape painter Lukas Achtschelling. He was registered in the Brussels Guild of Saint Luke on 26 October 1639 as a pupil of a Pieter van der Borcht. The 17th century Flemish biographer Cornelis de Bie mentioned that Lucas Achtschellinck also studied with the Brussels landscapist Lodewijk de Vadder but this is not confirmed by Guild records. Achtschellinck likely travelled abroad after completing his apprenticeship since he only became a master in the Brussels guild in 1657. On 13 March 1674 he married Anna Parys. In 1687 he was the deacon of the Brussels guild. He died in Brussels.